What is an idHAL ?

An idHAL is a research identifier.

This digital identifier ensures all your works are correctly attributed to you, whether your laboratory or name change.

It is similar to an ORCID or ResearcherID, but dedicated to HAL.


Why do we have to use it ?

There's now almost 7 millions researchers in the world (UNESCO Science Report: towards 2030 - UNESCO bibliothèque numérique, n.D. https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000235406) and a huge amount of information. "Publish or perish" has become "be visible or vanish"...


How can an idHAL help?

Correction Result
Corrects problems due to language

I am not mistaken with another researcher, even if we have the exact same name ;

All the possible writings of my name are gathered into one entry;

Gathers the different identities of a person My name changed, I quit my laboratory... : an IdHAL keep tracks of your works throughout your career;
Provides a unique entry On a database, a search by identifier immediatly gives pertinent results;
My work is easily found and visible ; that might helps for a collaboration, editors also see my work
Avoids to fill in the same information from one website to another

Some websites provide the possibily to connect differents identifiers : I save time because I don't need to point out what my publications are one more time.


How to create an idHAL ?

Here is a tutorial : https://doc.archives-ouvertes.fr/identifiant-auteur-idhal-cv/

If you have any question, ask your referring librarian (homepage).


There's something more…

Once you've created an idHAL, you can also have your CV HAL page. It a personal web page automatically updated with your deposits on HAL.

You can also easily create a list of publications with HALtools.