LogoIST How to deposit ?

In accordance with the Decree of 25 May 2016, the legal deposit of electronic theses is mandatory (even in case of confidentiality).
ADUM interface is the central tool for such a deposit. It allows doctoral students to make two electronic deposits of their thesis - one before thesis defense (during the interview with librarian), the other after thesis defense -, as well as to download the forms necessary for thesis deposit and dissemination.

The deposit implementation is jointly coordinated by the library and the doctoral schools.



Interview before thesis defense (minimum 3 weeks before) :

It is mandatory and takes place at least 3 weeks before the defense in order to make your first deposit.

This interview enables you to:

  •     Make your first deposit, which is mandatory for theses defense
  •     Be assigned NNT (National Thesis Number)
  •     Have your 1st deposit certificate signed
  •     Define the conditions of dissemination of the final deposit

So, you must bring your thesis on USB key or make the deposit on Adum beforehand.
The interview takes place in Bouygues Building with the librarian in charge of theses legal deposit.
The issuing of 1st deposit certificate is necessary to obtain authorization for thesis defense.


After thesis defense (1 to 3 months) :

The doctoral student must make a 2nd and final deposit on Adum.

  • The 2nd deposit must correspond to the standards of Paris Saclay University : notably cover page and back cover.
  • If your thesis is in a language other tha French, you must add in the annexes a substantial summary in French of a lenght of 4,000 characters to 20 pages  (in addition to back cover abstract).
  • Long-term archiving of electronic theses is provided by Cines (National Computer Center for Higher Education). The latter requests that PDF files be PDF 1.4 minimum format. To ensure compliance of your PDF file, you must test it on FACILE.