Academic Writing Center at CentraleSupélec


Let's write science in style!


The Academic Writing Center at CentraleSupélec is available to all doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers, as well as academic and research faculty.


The Center caters to all professional scientific communication needs. We provide free consultations on scientific and technical writing, language editing for articles, doctoral theses, conference papers and proposals for grants. We can also help with professional portfolios, CVs, writing researcher profiles and recommendation letters.


We encourage you to work with us at any stage of your writing. It doesn’t matter if the idea is still in your head and you need a little help getting it down in words, or if you’ve written down lots of words and need help arranging and editing them. We also prepare you for oral presentations, such as giving a conference talk or teaching a subject in English.


With us, you can:

  • Develop your sense of style.
  • Read, write and communicate better.
  • Tailor your thoughts to impact your audience.
  • Create stronger connections with your readers and listeners.


Drop in, we'd love to see you!


Link: calendly.com/academicwritingcenter

Lien video Youtube : https://youtu.be/cMATlh16Cvs



Divya Madhavan, Coordinator