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Portal HAL

HAL is a repository for scientific material, published or not, produced in the context of scientific research and higher education. Created in 2001 on arXiv model at the initiative of pshysicist Franck Lanoë, HAL offers a whole range of services to the scientific community.

Listed in the Ministry's research infrastructure roadmap, HAL is the multidisciplinary open archive chosen by the entire French scientific and academic community for the dissemination of knowledge. It is both a unique data repository and an application, a shared platform for institutional archives, thematic open archives and electronic theses.

Portal HAL-CS

HAL-CentraleSupélec is a HAL portal, which opened in 2015 after the merger between Centrale Paris and Supélec. All the scientific publications by our teacher-researchers have thus been recorded since 2006.

The portal is to:

  • Disseminate knowledge generated by our teacher-researchers;
  • Make our scientific publications visible and accessible nationally and internationally;
  • Inform and train all research actors within the School;
  • Increase the number of full text deposits.