LogoIST Which license to affix ?


1. Licence Creative Commons

HAL permits (but does not require) a Creative Commons license, that is, a copyright supplement that allows authors to express what they authorize or prohibit for the deposited production.
There are 6 Creative Commons licenses on the basis of 4 options.


2. Etalab License

Created by Etalab upon request of the French Governement, it grants a right to reuse the information providing at least its authors and the date of creation (or last update) are mentioned.

3. Public domain

Public domain means no exclusive intellectual property are applicable.


4. Copyright

Copyright is very well known in Anglo-Saxon countries, but do not exist in France.

How to affix a license to my deposit

When you submit, you have to display the complete list of metadata (just right under "complete the document's metadata", on the right).

You can then fill in the field "Licence".

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Image : Blog du CCSD