Shanghaï 2019 Thematic Ranking

Shanghai 2019 Thematic Ranking ranked CentraleSupélec 1st in France in the following disciplines :

  • Automation & Control (32nd in the world)
  • Telecommunication Engineering (14st in the world)

It is ranked 51-75st in Electrical & Electronic Engineering


2019 ranking of engineering schools in L'Etudiant

A+ group dedicate the best French engineering schools, which are excelling in top-rank training and first-rate relations with the professional world. Their students who are handpicked after extremely selective competitions, are highly sought after by large companies and best laboratories.


Times Higher Education (THE) 2019 Rankings

French High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education - HCERES

HCERES role is to:

  • assess higher education institutions and their clusters, research organizations, scientific cooperation foundations and National Research Agency or, where appropriate, ensure the good quality of evaluation when conducted by other entities;
  • assess research units at the request of the institution to which they belong, in the absence of evaluation procedures validation; or, in the absence of a decision to have recourse to another authority on the part of the institution to which the units belong; or, where appropriate, validate evaluation procedures of research units by other entities.


  • CentraleSupélec Evaluation Reports [Restricted access]

The High Council also includes an Observatory of Sciences and Technology (OST) responsible for conducting studies and strategic analyses.
OST mission is to develop analyses for the development of strategies for higher education, research and innovation (ESRI). As part of the project IPERU (Production Indicator of University Research Institutions), OST produces indicators that meet three objectives:

  • characterize the scientific and technological output of each higher education institution;
  • follow the production developments over time;
  • position the institution’s output in territorial areas of reference.

Individual reports on the various productions (publications, patents and participations in PCRD) are provided each year for the use of institutions management. A report on the relative positioning of groups of higher education and research institutions in the global publications area is also available.

  • Reports on CentraleSupélec scientific publications [Restricted access]
  • Reports on CentraleSupélec patents [Restricted access]
  • Reports on CentraleSupelec participations in PCRD